Disney is building a TV series version of “National Treasure” that will star in a young version

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has revealed that the well-known action adventure series “National Treasure” is not only planning a third film, but is also developing a series, according tomedia Variety. The third film is the return of the original Cass, the upper house line, the series is on the streaming platform Disney Plus, for young starring, but the story concept is the same. Both projects are currently under active development.

Jerry Bruckheimer said, “Of course we’re making a (National Treasure) for streaming, we’re making a big screen, and we’re going to bring you another National Treasure… The cards of Disney Plus are much younger. The play version is the same concept, but has young actors. The film version will be the original line-up. “

“National Treasure,” starring Nicholas Cage, focuses on a series of treasure hunts by the adventurous-born amateur cryptographer Benjamin and computer guru Riley, library doctor Abigail and others.

The first two were directed by Joe Detduba, with Justin Barassi, Diane Kruger, Jon Voight and Harwee Keitel all starring in the world,000 and $457 million, respectively, at the global box office. It follows reports that Chris Bremner (The Jedi War Police 3) wrote the screenplay for National Treasure 3.