Sunflower Windows X.3 Update Release User Experience Re-enhancement

The ingenuity is caused by optimization. Sunflower, a well-known domestic remote control brand, in order to enhance the Windows version of the user experience, optimized the remote screen resolution when remote control, support for unlocking clients when not logged in, and remote control when the default display of each other’s desktop, and so on, to achieve the optimization of the version function upgrade.

1:1 default screen resolution, more comfortable remote desktop

Sunflower Windows X.3 adjusts the default zoom mode of 1:1 mode, that is, according to the accused screen 1:1 restore desktop display, to protect the clarity of the remote control screen, to avoid self-adapting mode compression screen affectthes viewing effect;

Sunflower Windows X.3 Update Release User Experience Re-enhancement

Optimize background display, default to select accused desktop background

For the user feedback equalization mode (can make the screen more smooth), the accused screen with a black background display of the problem, many users mistakenly think is a bug, sunflower Windows X.3 now the default black background adjustment to the accused desktop background, the real restoration of the accused remote desktop, optimize the user experience;

Sunflower Windows X.3 Update Release User Experience Re-enhancement

Protect privacy and security to support client lock-in when not logged in

Sunflower Windows X version for user-friendly, support without login can also launch remote control, in order to enhance the information security of the client when not logged in, Sunflower Windows X.3 in the system settings to add client locking function, prevent others from modifying the client settings, protect privacy and security.

Sunflower Windows X.3 Update Release User Experience Re-enhancement

In addition, the version upgrade also optimizes the remote control menu, fixes the relevant bugs, optimizes more details, and welcomes new and old users to download and use.

About Sunflower Remote Control

Sunflower remote control is a well-known soft and hard combination of remote control service providers, deep-cultivated remote industry for ten years, has independently developed sunflower remote control software and power-on rod, power-on socket, control and other intelligent hardware, support computers and computers, mobile devices and computers, mobile devices and mobile devices and other mutual control; Sunflower professional three-dimensional remote control solutions for 120 million hosts, 30 million users and 50,000 enterprises to provide quality remote control services, with Changhong, Huawei, the United States, China Communications, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other well-known government and enterprise units to reach cooperation, has been the trust and recognition of the vast number of users.

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