MeerKAT telescope image: There’s a secret behind the original “x galaxy”

Astronomers have long wondered why some galaxies emit x-shaped radio waves from black holes lurking in their centers. It is common for galaxies to shoot in the opposite direction, but the cause of this complex X-shaped jet was uncertain until the MeerKAT telescope in South Africa took a closer look at these strange cosmic structures.

According tomedia reports, MeerKat’s radio wave observations of the “X Galaxy” PKS2014-55 revealed a swing ingress-like structure, “the material falling back into the galaxy was shifted in different directions to form x’s other two arms.” “

Scientists at the South African Radio Observatory (SARAO), which operates MeerKAT, will publish their findings in the Monthly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Astronomers have thought that the “Galaxy X” may have been caused by a change in the direction of rotation of a black hole or a team of two black holes. However, MeerKAT’s clear view of PKS 2014-55 supports the “double swing dart” model.

It is understood that the MeerKAT telescope itself, which officially opened in 2018, has been described as a world-class facility that has so far captured the most detailed radio images of the milky milky center and found huge radiation bubbles in it.