Microsoft wins The Pentagon’s competition for more than 1 trillion yen in cloud business “JEDI”, and Amazon loses

By anandirc Microsoft has won the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI), a cloud business that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to centrally manage the department’s data in the cloud. It has been reported that Amazon is such a big pro-vassal that the JEDI bidding competition is called a “race”, but Microsoft won by overturning shimoma’s reputation. JEDI is a plan to centrally manage data stored in various data centers in the cloud. JEDI was a very expensive business with a cap of 1.1 trillion yen, so big companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle participated in the bidding competition.

However, JEDI had a pre-defined reference line such as “Only Amazon can clear”, and rumors that “race made by Amazon and the Department of Defense” were whispered. Amazon is nearing acquisition of JEDI, a 1 trillion-yen project that centrally manages U.S. Department of Defense data in the cloud, or whether it is a de facto “race” –

  the response to this “ready race” report was different from the various responses of the companies participating in the bidding competition. Oracle appealed to the Department of Defense, saying it was “suspected that Amazon was arbitrarily screwed up the standards of the contract in an attempt to provide the convenience of finding a job for Pentagon officials.” Google, on the other hand, has declined the bidding competition on the grounds that it contradicts AI’s ethical principles. It can be said that the ability in Amazon’s cloud business is certain. According to a July 2019 report by Gartner, an ANALYTICs research firm focused on IT, Amazon accounts for about 48% of the cloud computing market. Microsoft, the second-largest in the industry, accounts for about 16 percent of the company, making a big difference to Microsoft.

However, on July 18, 2019, President Trump announced that “there have been a flood of complaints from a number of technology companies, including major companies, for amazon and the Pentagon agreement.” On August 1, 2019, the Pentagon decided to suspend JEDI selection following President Trump’s announcement. Then, on October 25, 2019, the Department of Defense announced that Microsoft had won the JEDI.

In response to the announcement, the Department of Defense said, “The acquisition process is conducted in accordance with laws and regulations and has been reviewed by the U.S. Board of Audit and federal courts. All the companies participating in the bidding competition were treated fairly and evaluated based on assessment criteria.” In response to the decision, an Amazon spokesperson said, “I was surprised by the Pentagon’s decision. It is clear that AWS is a leader in the cloud computer field, and if only the capabilities of the product were compared purely, I think it would have been different.” The Washington Post accused President Trump of “potentially intervening in the JEDI ruling and could be against the law.” JEDI Contract Goes to Microsoft, Not Amazon After Trump Sgiving To Contract to Jeff Bezos Company –

In response, President Trump tainted that the Washington Post was acquired by Amazon in 2013 and became part of Amazon, saying, “Amazon’s lobbying newspaper, It was a shame for the Amazon Washington Post,” he sarcastically said on Twitter.

So sory to hear the news about Jeff Bozo being down down by a competitor whose reporting, I understand, is far more accu Rate than the Reporting in His Lobbyist Newspaper, the Amazon Washington Post. Hopefulthepaper Will Be Placed in Better & More Responsible Hands!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 14, 2019

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