Microsoft executives say 60FPS will be the “standard output” of the Xbox Series X

From the start, Microsoft has positioned the Xbox Series X as “putting performance above visual sability.” The new console is clearly a very powerful console, and there’s no doubt that the game will look better and more colorful than ever before, but Microsoft seems to want to highlight the progress and improvement in frame rate in the new generation console.

Aaron Greenberg, Xbox’s head of marketing, confirmed on Twitter that the standard output model for the Xbox Series X is 60FPS, although in some cases developers can even take advantage of the system’s architecture to reach 120FPS.

Of course this does not mean that there will be no games below 60FPS. While 60 FPS is likely to eventually become the industry standard – one day in the future, at least in the first few years of the new generation of consoles, many games will still run under 30 FPS, especially as many games are chosen as cross-generational.