Microsoft pricing remains flexible with specific prices in mind when designed for XSX

Through the Insider Xbox Live event the day before yesterday, we’ve seen Xbox X and some third-party next-generation games that will appear on the platform. But a key question remains, perhaps the most important question for the average consumer: How much will this new console cost?

Although the console was actually released very early (much earlier than Sony, which has not yet officially released the PS5), and we may be less than six months away from the actual release, we still don’t know how much the machine will cost. Microsoft, on the other hand, learned the lessons of the last host price announcement and was in no hurry to announce the price of the new console.

Microsoft pricing remains flexible with specific prices in mind when designed for XSX

In a conversation with Eurogamer, Jason Ronald was asked directly what the expected price was. Ronald dodged the question and chose to say that the system had been designed at a specific price, saying he was satisfied and excited about the effect slated, though he also used a similar argument to Xbox director Phil Spencer that the current pricing was “flexible.”

“I think Phil made it very clear. We took the price into account when designing the system. We have confidence in the systems we design, but at the same time we are flexible in pricing.

“In short, we designed the system with price points in mind, which affected the overall architecture of the system. You know, it’s fun – as a lifelong player and game developer, we always want more and more. At the same time, we know that we must offer our products at a convincing price that makes players around the world feel comfortable and affordable. So it has always been the key to system design. Frankly, we are pleased to see that all these factors have been taken into account. “

It is not clear what “flexibility” means, although it seems to imply that the actual price point is not set. Some people look at various parts of the system and guess that the price could be as high as $600, although most seem to estimate it at around $450-$500. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft is playing a snome game with Sony to see who will disclose the price first, or just want to avoid overpriced prices, but if they want people to buy it, they can’t hide it forever.