Mercedes is trying to make MBUX ai a iad system more proactive

According tomedia reports, Mercedes-Benz MBUX infotainment technology, one of the latest features is the voice-activated virtual assistant. The company’s artificial intelligence software allows drivers to perform destination searches, vehicle control and more. With the development of MBUX, Mercedes says it is particularly important to improve the natural language relationship between cars and drivers.

Mercedes is trying to make MBUX ai a iad system more proactive

On Friday, local time, Nils Schanz, head of user interaction at Mercedes-Benz’s research and development department, told the media on a conference call that their goal was to “make the system more natural.” This, Schanz points out, means building a more proactive, emscient system, taking into account people like the tone or speaking and providing the right response and the right tone.

This means MBUX may soon offer the option to cancel its wake-up word, and it is understood that members of the car now need to activate the car’s artificial intelligence system through “Hey, Mercedes.” But Schanz knows that this is not the solution everyone wants. “Some (drivers) prefer to be proactive, while others don’t like it at all. How proactive should the system be? “No wake-up word is required This means that the MBUX assistant will always listen and interject when the AI algorithm thinks it is appropriate.

“We’re going to be very careful,” Says Schanz. If we do something wrong, the customer won’t accept it. “

Mercedes-Benz says the vast majority of its users use voice commands as part of its interaction with MBUX. According to company data, 80% of customers believe that voice is the most important control element of the system. In Europe, MBUX customers use “Hey, Mercedes” about 40 times a month on average, according to Schanz.

Beyond that, how does Mercedes plan to improve mbUX performance? It is understood the company wants to improve the response time of the technology, add additional elements to the system’s feature set — such as jokes — and roll out more connected services.

As Mercedes-Benz strives to expand its MBUX capabilities, the company will continue to offer support to Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto in this infotainment package. According to Schanz, most of their customers prefer MBUX, with only about 10 percent of users opting for Apple CarPlay.

“We invest in the whole experience of controlling the car,” Says Schanz. “