Amazon and Microsoft accuse each other of ‘trickling’ to get JEDI contract

It looks like the project will take some time to get the project started as Amazon and Microsoft battle for a $0 billion JEDI cloud computing contract,media outlet Techspot reported. Last month, the U.S. Department of Defense approved Microsoft’s JEDI contract after failing to find any wrongdoing throughout the process. It was the first outcome of the legal battle, with Amazon, the closest company to winning the bid, arguing that its offer had been rejected at will by U.S. President Donald Trump.

Amazon and Microsoft accuse each other of 'trickling' to get JEDI contract

Amazon still won a temporary ban to prevent Microsoft from embarking on a project that would have unified and modernized more than 500 scattered cloud environments. In the past few days, the two companies have attacked each other through strongly worded blog posts. After learning that Amazon had filed a new complaint with the U.S. Department of Defense on Tuesday and intended to keep it a secret, Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s vice president of corporate communications, wrote an article titled “Bid High, Lose, Try Again.” Amazon continues to push for a JEDI re-do” post.

Shaw said Amazon’s new appeal was another attempt to repeat itself, even though Amazon lost, only because it was technically similar to Microsoft’s offer. He also suggested that Amazon should step aside and let the JEDI project begin as a show of concern for “comrades”, just like its retail customers.

Soon after, Amazon published a response article entitled “Setting the record straight on JEDI”. Drew Herdener, the company’s vice president for global communications, called the Pentagon’s JEDI award process “fatally flawed” and noted that “Microsoft is making a lot of bad gestures” despite not complying with the contract’s bid.

Amazon and Microsoft accuse each other of 'trickling' to get JEDI contract

According to Herdener, there is no objective and impartial review of the JEDI bidding process, which is why the company will continue to protest. “No one in the know or objective thinks they have an advantage in their offer,” he said. And during the COVID-19 crisis, their operational lyks were further highlighted. Microsoft wants us to walk away so quietly. In addition, Herdener said, “things would have been better if the Department of Defense had responded to any of our multiple requests over the past two weeks.” “