IDC shares Q1 2020 data: iPhone 11 accounts for 68% of India’s ultra-high-end smartphone market share

Apple accounted for 62.7 of the more than $500-plus smartphone market in India in the first quarter of 2020, surpassing the second-third-ranked Samsung and OnePlus, according to the latest statistics shared by IDC on Friday. Over a three-month period, the iPhone 11 accounted for 68% of local shipments of $700 to $1,000 “ultra-high-end” smarts. Such a bright performance has even driven the overall growth of the Indian smartphone market, with shipments up 1.5% year-on-year to 32.5 million units.

IDC shares Q1 2020 data: iPhone 11 accounts for 68% of India's ultra-high-end smartphone market share

In addition to Apple, Xiaomi, Vivo, Samsung, Realme and OPPO also made the top five Indian smartphone brands in the first quarter of 2020.

Last month, Counterpoint Research released similar data. At the time, it was estimated to be up 4% year-on-year, and sales of the iPhone 11 were strong amid discounts from retail channels such as Flipkart and Amazon.

Of course, forecasts from organizations such as IDC may not be accurate, and several Apple executives, including CEO Tim Cook, have in the past rejected quarterly sales forecasts.

Unfortunately, since Apple no longer reports sales of individual products, industry watchers have no choice but to rely on information from independent research analysts for market information.