ByteDance to open European operations centre in London to conduct large-scale recruitment

ByteDance has decided to set up tikTok’s European business center in London, England, where it will recruit a large number of agency engineers and software developers,media reported. TikTok’s largest office is in Los Angeles, and London is the second largest in size to Los Angeles.

ByteDance to open European operations centre in London to conduct large-scale recruitment

Many European cities have a reputation as a global technology hub, but TikTok is now focusing on recruiting engineers in London. This is a reflection of TikTok’s recognition of London’s technological talent. A Technology industry practitioner in London revealed that TikTok recruiters had been in touch with him. “TikTok is hiring on a massive scale, ” said the person familiar with the matter. “

LinkedIn, a social platform, shows that TikTok’s high pay has poached some of its employees from companies such as Google and Facebook.

According to TikTok’s website, TikTok has offices of different sizes in 41 countries. In Europe, in addition to London, TikTok also has offices in Paris, Berlin and Dublin.

TikTok did not disclose the company’s specific number of employees, but LinkedTok says it employs 2,948 people worldwide.

According to TikTok’s recruitment page, there are currently 824 jobs being recruited worldwide, 117 of which are based in London, far higher than in other cities. The positions recruited include the Chief Machine Learning Engineer, iOS Engineer, Software Engineer, Chief Solution Engineer, and Solution Engineer for the Trust and Security Center. In addition, TikTok is recruiting product managers in London, responsible for the entire European region.

Among the other openly recruited positions, 110 are in Mountain View (where Google is headquartered), 91 in Los Angeles, 61 in New York and 60 in Singapore.

ByteDance to open European operations centre in London to conduct large-scale recruitment

TikTok’s Trust and Security Centre is located in Singapore, Dublin and Mountain View. The center employs a large number of people to conduct security audits of video content posted by users on the platform, as well as staff dedicated to handling local law enforcement requests

Us tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter have set up large offices in London, employing thousands of people. To keep employees entertained, the office offers a variety of benefits including free restaurants, gyms and yoga classes.

According to LinkedIn, TikTok has poached a large number of employees from these companies. Google boss Theo Bertram left in December to join Tik Tok as director of european government relations and public policy, and in March ross Baron stepped down as Facebook’s head of recruitment to become head of recruitment for TikTok Western Europe.

In December,media reported that TikTok was considering setting up a new global headquarters in London, Singapore or Dublin. However, the information was not confirmed by ByteDance.