Ideal smoke, Lee wants to “roast the fire”

On May 8, a video of a new energy truck catching fire on the streets of Changsha caught up in attention. From the scene video exposed on the Internet, the front cabin part of the vehicle was badly damaged, the model was identified as the ideal ONE. On the afternoon of the 8th, ideal car posted on the official microblog response: “May 8 at about 11:30, an ideal ONE in Changsha, Hunan Province, the situation of smoke in the front cabin, after on-site testing, the vehicle battery system did not have a problem.”

At present, the vehicle has been moved to a safe area for testing, there are follow-up findings will be released in a timely manner. “

Ideal ONE as the ideal car’s only model, just announced the transformation of product positioning, on the safety of the “thunder.”

01 Self-ignition after brake failure

According to live video circulating online, a large amount of smoke and a fire were burning in the front cabin of the accident vehicle. After the open fire was extinguished, almost all of the front faces and front covers of the vehicle were burned. Ideal cars describe it as “smoke.”

Ideal Car Micro-blogging screenshot

Many netizens expressed dissatisfaction with this statement, saying that this is an obvious fire safety accident.

Killer no knife: Is this smoke, maybe I have any misunderstanding about smoking.

Electric car that thing: the official micro response is very quick, but obviously the fire said to be smoke, spray is normal.

There is something to say: smoke is smoke, fire is fire! Ideal is very plump, the reality is very bone feeling! This time, “smoke”, a little big, afraid to be a lot of people! Hope That Li wants to go to give you a heart-stopping pill as soon as possible! Having the ideal is still a very good thing!

It is worth noting that the ideal car has been more than once in recent days on safety issues ” on the thunder”. On May 7, the ideal ONE owner announced in the WeChat group that his ideal ONE suddenly encountered a “brake failure” at high speed, and finally stopped the vehicle by braking from power recovery.

In response, ideal car official response said: “We understand that the user’s vehicle failure has been resolved, and assist the user to do a good follow-up service.” There is no safety problem with the brake system. “

Zhongxin Jingwei reporter noted that about self-ignition and brake failure problems, a number of netizens in the ideal car founder Li thought of the recent micro-blog message, have not received a reply.

With the high temperature and frequent auto self-ignition phenomenon in the summer, become the safety of new energy vehicles “minefield.” In the new force of car construction, NIO has also caused controversy over the issue of self-ignition. On April 22 last year, a NIOES8 was set on fire in the parking lot of the NIO Xi’an Cooperative Service network, causing no personal injury or death or other damage to facilities.

Less than a month later, on May 16th, NIOES8 had a second spontaneous combustion incident in an underground garage in Thenew Town, Shanghai. NIO founder Li Bin and co-founder Qin Lihong both apologized for their questions about the owners.

Unlike NIOES8, which is an all-electric vehicle, the ideal ONE is an electric vehicle, when the power battery’s power is reduced to a certain value, the range booster in the car will burn oil to power the power battery to charge. Because the ideal car has officially declared this “smoke” accident has nothing to do with the battery, so the outside world will also focus the reason speculation on its range.

02 To change the positioning of “addition”

In fact, compared with “pure electric” “plug-in hybrid” and other new energy vehicles, the ideal car long-term adherence to the “addition” is not the “mainstream” option for car companies.

Zhang Xiang, an autoindustry analyst, said the ideal ONE-based electric car was technically “obsolete”. “The golden age of the growth of the program was mainly ten years ago, when the battery was not enough, it was generated by the addition of electricity to replenish the battery, so there is commercial value in the market.” But as the energy density of the battery is greatly increased, the enhanced structure itself is more complex and more expensive, so it is not favored by most manufacturers now. “

It is worth noting that Li also recently also indicated that the future ideal ONE product positioning will be from the current “addition” to “plug-in hybrid.”

Why suddenly change the direction of the product? “There is only one ideal company for electric vehicles at the moment, ” Li said. On the one hand, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the addition of electric vehicles is classified as plug-in hybrid vehicles, in addition, from the perspective of market feedback, the addition of products are considered by most consumers to be ‘mixed’, so we decided not to mention the concept of additional program electric. “

Zhang Xiang believes that for the ideal car, if a vague adhere to the “add program” to live, because of the “cold”, its marketing costs will be very high. And the propaganda caliber unified into plug-in hybrid, can reduce the cost of marketing, easy to be received by consumers.

Li wants to stop holding high the “growth ideal”, the development of the ideal car will face a new round of market testing.

For the future development, Li wants to say at a media conference in April that the ideal car will not launch new products in the next three years, mainly focused on the ideal ONE OTA (online download technology) upgrade.

In Li’s view, unlike traditional car manufacturers by constantly reducing prices to increase sales, the advantage of smart cars can be to increase the value of vehicles to attract users. On the other hand, Li also wants to say that because the direct way of running the ideal car does not have too much room to reduce prices.

On April 23rd, the new policy on new energy subsidies was introduced, and models selling for new energy passenger car subsidies of more than 300,000 yuan (including 300,000 yuan) no longer enjoy policy concessions. Li wants to announce this: “Ideal car’s prospective consumers do not have to worry, subsidies fall part of our own responsibility, the user price unchanged.” “

According to the official website, the national unified retail price after the listing of the ideal ONE after the subsidy 328,000 yuan, so far this price has not changed.

Screenshot of the ideal car official website


In terms of sales, Mr Li said last year that the ideal car was to sell 100,000 vehicles by 2020 and 1m by 2025. And in response to the recent “the next three years in terms of sales to determine their own what kind of KPI” media questions, Li wanted not to give a positive response.

However, Mr Li said that of the 6,500 orders already delivered, both orders accumulated during the pre-sale phase and recent additions were added, “some customers cancelled their bookings during the new crown outbreak”.

“The ideal future development strategy is from two perspectives, three years will not push the new model this is understandable. Zhang Xiang proposed, “There used to be a saying, at least 200,000 units of the delivery threshold car companies to achieve economies of scale, now may be technological progress, the threshold will be relatively low.” But the ideal ONE just listed less than 10,000 vehicles, far from a scale of economic benefits, so now its production line costs, research and development costs have not been recovered, three years no longer research and development of new models is also an open source throttle insurance initiative. “

On the other hand, now the car product replacement faster, if you have not been developing new models, Zhang Xiang think the ideal may face greater pressure to be eliminated by the market. “It also reveals the disadvantages of insufficient funds for ideal financing. “

03 U.S. IPO doubts, Li wants to say no need for large-scale blood transfusion

It is reported that the ideal ONE for the ideal car is currently the only model, in December last year officially started delivery. Data show that in the first quarter of this year, ideal ONE handed over a relatively good report card: a cumulative delivery of 2,989 vehicles, more than Xiaopeng G3, Weimar EX5 and other new forces, second only to the Tesla Model 3 and NIOES6.

In April this year, the ideal ONE delivered more than 2,600 vehicles. To date, the ideal ONE has delivered more than 6,500 units.


Since the official delivery of Ideal ONE, the ideal car will go to the United States IPO rumors continue. In January, Reuters reported that Ideal Motors had applied for an initial public offering in the United States, with plans to raise at least $500 million.

If all goes well, the ideal car will become the second new force in the country to be listed in the United States after NIO.

At ideal car’s April 30 spring media conference, Li wanted to respond to the rumors of an IPO in the U.S. for ideal cars. The answer, he says, is not all that makes sense, and that the ideal car doesn’t require a large-scale external blood transfusion to keep it going.

“We’re very frugal in terms of ourselves, and start-ups have to be start-ups. Lee wanted to say. Referring to the current ideal ONE gross margin, Li wants to say, “We have no requirements for profit, or a development period, but the operating cash flow is very strict, so that the ideal car can operate healthily, rather than relying on large-scale external blood transfusion.” “

Sky-eye inspection shows that the ideal car’s latest financing development for February 3 this year, for equity financing, the specific amount is not disclosed. On August 16, 2019, Ideal Auto announced the completion of the C-round financing, which amounted to $530 million.

This round of financing by the founder of the United States Group Wang Xing led the investment, of which Wang Xing personally led the investment of nearly 300 million U.S. dollars, ByteDance investment of 30 million U.S. dollars, Weiwei Ventures, Mingse Ie Capital and other old shareholders to invest, Li wants to personally continue to invest nearly 100 million U.S. dollars. After this round of financing, ideal car valuation is $2.944 billion.

Ideal car financing situation


So far, ideal car cumulative public financing amounted to 1.575 billion U.S. dollars (about 11.1 billion yuan). Year-on-year, according to incomplete media statistics, NIO, Weima, Xiaopeng’s cumulative public financing amount edi-54.3 billion yuan, 23 billion yuan, 16.8 billion yuan, respectively.

Compared to the NIO, which was only a year earlier, the ideal is really “saving”. At the end of April this year, NIO and Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone reached an agreement on the arrival of NIO’s China headquarters, and reaped 7 billion yuan in investment, which is also more than 60% of the ideal cumulative financing.

However, unlike THE NIO, it has a self-built manufacturing base in Changzhou. In December 2018, Ideal Automobile paid 650 million yuan to acquire 100% of Lifan Automobile, officially owning passenger car production qualification. The first product ideal ONE also came from Changzhou self-built factory.

Today, the ideal car has just entered the delivery period, has not yet ushered in the most “ideal” moment, a number of safety hazards on the back. Regarding the progress of the accident vehicle investigation and the external doubts, Zhongxin Wei reporter on the 9th to the ideal car letter, as of the draft did not get a reply.

Wen: Fu Yumei