Scientists explain north magnetic pole drift

The northern magnetic pole is moving from Canada to Siberia. According to a study published in the journal Nature, scientists explain why. The team at the University of Leeds in the UK says the phenomenon is due to the double competition between two magnetic “spots” on the edge of the Earth’s outer core. Changes in the flow of molten material within the planet change the strength of the above-mentioned negative flux region.

Dr Phil Livermore explains: “This change in flow weakens the plaques under Canada and slightly increases the intensity of the Siberian plaques. “

Scientists explain north magnetic pole driftScientists explain north magnetic pole drift

There are three poles on the earth’s surface. The “geographic pole” is where the Earth’s axis of rotation intersects the earth’s surface, and the geomagnetic pole is the location that most suits the traditional dipoles (whose position sits change sits slightly).

Then there is the “North Magnetic Pole”, or “Magnetic Inclination”, where the magnetic line is perpendicular to the earth’s surface. It is this third pole that has been moving.