Obama: Trump administration’s response to the outbreak is a “total mess”

Former U.S. President Barack Obama has lashed out at the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, calling it “a disaster of total chaos.” Mr. Obama made the remarks during a private call with his former aides late Wednesday local time, when the former president urged his administration to unite in support of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The comments were perhaps Mr Obama’s sharpest criticism of his White House successor.

Critics say the U.S. government wasted precious time in February without increasing testing and reserve supplies as the new virus spreads in Europe. As of the afternoon of May 9, U.S. Eastern Time, there were more than 1.3 million confirmed cases of new coronavirus in the United States, ranking first in the world. The number of deaths was 78,320.

“President Trump’s response to the coronavirus is unprecedented and saves American lives,” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnne said in a statement Saturday.

In his speech Friday, Mr. Obama described the U.S. response to the new coronavirus as a product of tribalism. He tried to stress the urgency of The November election.

“We’re not just going to fight a particular individual or political party. We are opposed to this long-standing trend of selfishness, tribalization, division and the use of others as enemies, which is growing in the United States and in the international community,” Obama said.

“It is also one of the reasons why the response to this global crisis has been so weak and unstable, ” he said. ”

“Even with a better government, it’s going to be bad.” When the idea of ‘what’s good for me’ and ‘what’s wrong with others’ works in government, it’s an absolute disaster of chaos. ”

That’s why he ‘spends as much time as he can’ to help Biden,’ Obama said.

Earlier, Obama publicly announced his support for Biden’s presidential bid.