Pickup blocking Tesla charger being lifted by police with a crane

The battle between electric and fuel-car companies does not exist only among carmakers, and there is a looming rivalry between the two major car consumer camps because of the different ways in which they are “charged” with different energy sources. Recently, foreign media reported that a Ford pickup truck was being picked up by police with a crane for blocking a Tesla charging pile with its huge body. It’s a normal thing, but it stirs up subtle emotions in some people’s minds.

Pickup blocking Tesla charging pile being lifted by police with a crane

Since most charging piles are set up near parking spaces, some fuel drivers who find parking spaces may simply ignore them, or stop next to them if they think they won’t be used anyway. It’s like an electric car parked in a gas station. But some people do this on purpose, deliberately blocking the charging pile with their own fuel truck, acting as if they were full of concern, but in fact his heart is because others can not charge and snook.

The justice departments in some countries have taken action against the move, with fuel trucks parked next to charging piles or uncharged cars being fined $100 – and could be carried away by cranes.

With the popularity of electric vehicles, this situation in a certain period of time will be more and more, but if there is really no parking space, you still can not stop next to a charging pile, is it a little too unhumanized?

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