Canonical announces Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was first certified by Raspberry Pi

  • The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just completed the certification of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, meaning that the new operating system developed by Canonical works perfectly on the Raspberry Pi board. Canonical says the new version was certified as a Raspberry Pi on the same day it was released, so everything went as expected. To ensure this, Canonical performed thousands of tests on the Raspberry Pi. It also promises to release updates faster and updates and security patches every three weeks.

Canonical announces Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was first certified as Raspberry Pi

Like the desktop version of the operating system, Canonical provides comprehensive support for the Raspberry Pi. In addition, any key vulnerabilities found in Ubuntu related to raspberry Pi will be fixed within a day.

“Certification means full support, and Canonical will continuously regression testing Of Raspberry Pi devices throughout The Ubuntu’s certification cycle to ensure industry quality standards and the best user experience,” canonical said.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is known to implement a number of improvements, including A WireGuard virtual private network, more resilient boot loaders, SSH two-factor authentication, and a decade-long security commitment.