Four screens make up the “transparent A-pillar” , 500 km NEDC

Recently, Nezha Auto released a group of its compact SUV – Nezha U’s official pic, the new nEDC range of more than 500km, and provide two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models, of which the 4WD model will be opened on November 22 at the Guangzhou Motor Show. Appearance, Nezha U a lot of reference to the Eureka 01 concept car design language, H-type daytime running lights throughout the front face of the car, irregular long strip shape headlights and Cadillac diamond cutting headlightdesign design god, the entire head has a strong offensive.

The taillights are also run-through, echoing the headlights. The transparent lampshade design enhances the vehicle’s sense of technology and refinement. The car measures 4530/1860/1628mm and has a wheelbase of 2770mm.

In the interior, the oversized full LCD dashboard and the central control large screen are connected to the technology, and the 8-inch air conditioning control panel below supports touch adjustment. AT THE SAME TIME, THE SMALL YOU INTELLIGENT ROBOT ON THE INSTRUMENT TABLE CAN REALIZE THE HUMANIZED VOICE COMMUNICATION.

It is worth mentioning that which U also has the same level of rare “transparent A-pillar”. It will be 4 OLED flexible screen installed on the inside of the A-pillar, with intelligent algorithms and cameras, to achieve a-pillar “transparent” to improve driving safety. Officials say the A-pillar will also be able to make live social videos in future security scenarios.

The new car will be available in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions, with a four-wheel drive version with a maximum power of 367 horsepower, a motor with a peak torque of 615 Nm, and an acceleration time of 0-100km/h of 4.9 seconds. In terms of battery life, the NEDC of the Nezha U’s 520 series can reach more than 500km.

At present, the car has opened pre-sale, after the subsidy price range of 15-21 million yuan, and the official has not yet announced the specific time of the new car on the market.

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Nezha  auto is a brand of the new energy company of Zhejiang Heunew, United New Energy is an innovative technology company based on innovative technology research and development, intelligent manufacturing and all-channel sales services, set hardware products, software services in one innovative technology company.

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