QLC is a thing of the past Intel is developing higher density PLC flash memory

Recently, Intel’s head of non-volatile storage solutions Rob Crooke revealed that Intel’s QLC SSD shipments exceeded 10 million. She also announced that The SSD( codenamed Keystone Harbor) based on 144-tier 3D QLC flash memory (internally named Arbordale Plus technology, family fourth generation flash memory) will be shipped by the end of this year, and Intel plans to move the entire SSD product line to 144-tier flash memory chips by 2021.

QLC is a thing of the past Intel is developing higher density PLC flash memory主要颗粒厂技术对比

Not only that, Intel confirmed that plc flash memory (5bit/cell) with higher capacity density is also under intense development.

Earlier, Toshiba (Western Digital/Kioxia) also previewed the PLC Flash’s research plans.

Although in theory, PLC flash memory read and write life than QLC will further decline, but the particles do not, the main control to come together, in this regard Intel is still quite powerful. Moreover, assuming that other conditions remain unchanged, 144-layer 3D flash memory than Intel’s current 96-tier, capacity will be increased by 50%, that is, the fastest end of the year to buy 1.5TB of Intel original SSD at the current price of 1TB, such a real discount must be more able to impress most consumers.

It is also worth noting that Intel’s QLC flash memory chips are mainly produced at its Dalian plant in China.