Tests find 2020 MacBook Air boosts brightness by 30% when using Windows

Themedia, NotebookCheck, points out that it noticed a strange phenomenon when testing the 2020 MacBook Air, which increases brightness by 30 percent when using the Windows operating system. To perform a series of benchmarks, NotebookCheck is known to operate under the new Windows 10 operating system. However, compared to the native macOS operating system, when connecting to a wireless network and performing battery life tests, the screen brightness can increase from just over 400 nits to nearly 550 nits in bootCamp environments.

Tests find 2020 MacBook Air boosts brightness by 30% when using Windows

Of course, NotebookCheck is not surprised by this, as previous models have very similar problems.

Andreas Osthoff says it uses CalMAN software to compare the 2020 MacBook Air sRGB color gamuts on the macOS and Windows 10 platforms.

First, two tests showed that the 2020 MacBook Air’s screen display was really accurate, independent of the operating system, with very little deviation from the sRGB color space.

However, on the maximum brightness parameter, macOS is 415 cd/m2 and Windows 10 is 547 cd/m2. Even when trying to activate the ambient light sensor with a flashlight, the test results are still very different.

Tests find 2020 MacBook Air boosts brightness by 30% when using Windows

macOS sRGB color gamut test results

In addition to the maximum brightness, the grayscale values measured in the macOS and BootCamp environments are also different (Windows 10 is slightly worse). And even if the contrast is almost the same (both 1200:1), the color accuracy of using the Windows operating system is slightly less.

Although the difference in actual use is negligible, we are confused. Before Apple’s official explanation is clear, NotebookCheck speculates on the following possibilities:

Not all panels can achieve the same maximum brightness.

Apple wanted to ensure consistency in the experience, so it limited the brightness in the macOS environment to around 400 nits as the nominal.

Tests find 2020 MacBook Air boosts brightness by 30% when using Windows

Windows 10 sRGB color gamut test results

Curiously, even if NotebookCheck calibrates the system color configuration, the color accuracy of windows systems is not comparable to that of a macOS environment.

Based on this, the 2020 MacBook Air may only be available at lower brightness levels to ensure a better display.

Tests have shown that the 2020 MacBook Air can achieve higher brightness levels than the nominal value, but still maintain a gap with the more expensive MacBook Pro 13 models.

Perhaps for most target customers, instead of paying a high price for a more color-accurate DCI-P3 color gamut screen, simply increasing the brightness to attract consumers.

Finally, from a marketing perspective, being able to increase brightness in a Windows environment to reduce battery life could give Apple more ‘overwhelming’ rhetoric when it comes to touting macOS devices.

For more details, keep an eye out for the core i3 version of the 2020 MacBook Air Full Edition Review, released by NotebookCheck a few days later.