Xe Architecture Intel Unique DG1 Not Just Desktop Market: Notebook only

After the launch of the i740 in 1998, Intel is back in the high-performance GPU market this year, and the new Xe architecture is resilient to all markets, from low-power core display to data center acceleration cards. The first feature is the rumored DG1, but its positioning is a bit strange, Intel does not intend to launch a desktop version, only for notebooks.

Intel’s DG1 graphics card was unveiled at the CES show in early January and distributed to developers for testing, using traditional PCIe graphics, as shown in the image below.

Xe Architecture Intel Unique DG1 Not Just Desktop Market: Notebook only

The specifications of the DG1 graphics card are also almost exposed, with xe architecture, 96 sets of EU execution units, 768 cores (stream processors), 1MB secondary cache, 1.5GHz core frequency, 3GB of memory.

Performance, roughly the dG1’s performance should be roughly equivalent to the GTX 950, which is about 15% lower than the GTX 1050.

Although the performance is not good enough, the Intel DG1 unique thermal design power consumption is said to be only 25W, 28nm GTX 950 is as high as 95W, the energy efficiency is obviously much higher, after all, the process is also the new 10nm.

With the advent of updates, the reason for the lower performance of The DG1 graphics card has been found: Intel is not planning to launch a desktop version of the DG1 graphics card, only to use it on laptops.

In this way, a lot of things make sense, DG1 only 25W TDP is for the notebook, the main target is NVNDIA MX250 such a unique display, the past two years MX150 and MX250 can be said to be NVIDIA’s most successful notebook GPU graphics card.