Sue the government for threatening to move Tesla “crazy”?

On Saturday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla would sue the Alameda County government and said it would move its headquarters out of California, the China Daily said on May 10. Musk said in a tweet that he was dissatisfied and angry that the Alameda County, California, health department prevented the company’s U.S. company headquarters from returning to work on Friday.

He said Tesla would move its headquarters and future projects to Texas or Nevada “immediately” if California continued to interfere with factory production.

In another tweet, Musk said he ordered company lawyers to immediately sue the Alameda County Health Department, claiming that “unelected” and “arrogant” public health officials were bucking the trend.

“They violated the orders of the governor of California and the president of the United States, violated constitutional freedoms, even common sense.” “

Tesla’s resumption of work is blocked.

Tesla and local governments are at odds over the closure of the Fremont plant a few months ago, Tencent Technology reported, citingmedia.

Musk wants the plant to continue operating, but the local government has decided that electric vehicle manufacturing is not a necessary business during the outbreak and must be shut down. In the end, Tesla was helpless to obey orders.

Tesla has only one electric car plant in the United States and is based in Fremont, California. Tesla produces more than 415,000 electric cars a year at its Fremont plant, including all four major models.

Earlier, California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a relaxation of segregation rules, giving Tesla and its employees hope of an earlier return to work, according to the website. Tesla is California’s largest manufacturing employer.

California’s plan remains vague, however, and its final implementation will depend on the decisions of the local county government.

Gavin Newsom also posted a list of areas for commercial reboots on Twitter.

Locations where conditions can be restarted include: clothing stores, florists, bookstores, sporting goods stores

Locations that cannot be restarted include: offices (to continue working by phone), restaurants (food) and shopping malls

Tesla’s failure to return to production as scheduled is not unfounded.

The California government and Alameda County, where the plant will resume work, are not in line with each another, and Alameda County, where Tesla’s Fremont plant is located, plans to keep the plant closed until the end of May, allowing only the necessary business to reopen.

And California Gov. Mike Newsom said Thursday local time that the state will allow manufacturing to resume some production, but that state-wide guidelines do not replace county-wide restrictions.

Tesla has previously failed to demonstrate that its plants should be considered critical infrastructure.

The Alameda County, California, county health department says Tesla is not allowed to reopen the Fremont plant because a local blockade to curb the spread of the new corona virus remains in effect, Tencent News reported.

The county said it has been working with Tesla on a safety plan that “allows the plant to reopen while protecting the health and well-being of thousands of employees, and the county expects to reach agreement on a health and safety plan for employees soon.”

A county official in Alameda said Friday that the county’s health department has held several discussions with Tesla and advised Tesla to wait at least another week to monitor the new coronavirus infection rate and discuss safe ways to resume production.

Musk, however, is still anxious to get back to work early.

Musk unhappy with the government’s regulatory policies

During the outbreak, Musk expressed his displeasure with the regulatory policies at all levels of government in the United States, and some of his own comments have been criticized by Americans.

Musk has said the fear of a new corona virus is “stupid” and believes the lockout is a serious risk to companies, including Tesla.

The new corona outbreak in the United States remains very serious. As of 15:32 ET on May 9, there were about 1.3 million confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States and 78,320 deaths.

Tesla has promised to produce ventilators, but progress is slow. And the ventilators that Tesla donated to a New York state hospital proved that the models did not match their use, and could instead lead to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Unlike the American public, who faced a shortage of medicine and cuts during the outbreak, Musk’s value rose considerably during the outbreak. Musk’s value rose by $5 billion during the outbreak, with total assets of $36.7 billion, making it the 23rd largest in the world, Reuters reported.

Industry insiders say Musk’s asset appreciation is partly due to a dividend on Tesla’s stock, which has soared amid a series of good news, including a series of positive news from its joint venture with Panasonic’s Superplant.

In the early days of the U.S. outbreak, Tesla’s plant was not shut down and drew criticism.

Tesla sues Alameda County government

In addition to announcing the relocation of his headquarters and future projects, Musk tweeted: “Whether we really retain manufacturing in Fremont, California, will depend on Tesla’s future treatment.” “

Hours after Musk’s tweet, Tesla filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, asking the court to issue a permanent restraining order against Alameda County’s “in-place asylum order, which found that Alameda County’s “in-place asylum order” violated the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution and violated a directive by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

A Alameda County spokesman said hours later that the county’s health care provider and public health department had been in direct communication and close cooperation with the Tesla Fremont plant team.

The Fremont plant, which has an annual capacity of more than 415,000 vehicles, is currently Tesla’s main production base. Outside analysis, if the relocation, it will be a huge project.

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives estimates that Tesla could take 12 to 18 months to reschedule production.

Tesla China gets another Rmb4bn in loan

Industry insiders say Tesla’s manufacturing task at its Shanghai plant in China is undoubtedly even more weighing on the 500,000-vehicle annual delivery target.

Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. signed a working capital loan contract with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone Branch on the same day, Tesla said in a filing with the U.S. Stock Exchange (SEC) on May 7.

As a lender, Tesla Shanghai may withdraw funds from unsecured revolving loans totalling up to 4 billion yuan or the equivalent of U.S. dollars from time to time. Tesla said the loans were only for production-related expenses at the Shanghai Superplant 3.

Write at the end

In response to Musk’s accusations, the Alameda County Department of Public Health said in a statement Saturday local time:

“We need to continue to work together so that those sacrifices are not in vain, and we can sustain our fight against the epidemic.” Guided by data and science, it is our collective responsibility to reopen in the safest way possible and to gradually relax ‘in-place asylum’ controls. “

On 23 March, the Fremont plant was temporarily closed to comply with the “in-place isolation” policy order. From April 13, Tesla cut the wages of all paid U.S. workers and allowed most hourly workers who could not work remotely to take unpaid leave.

So how would so many workers at the Fremont plant face the rest of their lives if Tesla did move the plant out of California?