Intel, AMD, NVIDIA drop to participate in Taipei Computer Show

Due to the outbreak, the 202 Taipei Computer Exhibition (Computex 2020), scheduled for June 2-6, was postponed to September 28-30 at the Second Hall of the Southport Exhibition Hall in Taipei, China, but many companies have decided not to attend the annual PC event. Prior to this, Boddy, Giga, MSI, Shake Xun, elite, Chengqi and other board and storage brands have withdrawn from this year’s Taipei Computer Show, and according to the latest news, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA three chip giants have abandoned the exhibition!

As we all know, the biggest focus of the Taipei Computer Show is Intel, AMD, NVIDIA brought about by the new platform, last year we saw Intel 10nm process, Ice Lake’s 10th generation mobile version of Core, the all-core 5GHz Core i9-9900KS, as well as AMD 7nm process, Zen 2 architecture of the third generation of desktop ryon, as well as a variety of color, graphics cards.

Intel, AMD, NVIDIA drop to participate in Taipei Computer Show

If at the normal pace of previous years, this year’s Taipei Computer Show is the perfect time for Intel Tiger Lake 11th Generation Mobile Core and AMD Zen3 4th Generation Desktop Ryzen to shine, and just after the end of September, it coincides with the release of the NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics cards.

But now, everything is getting more bewildered: Intel Tiger Lake officials say they will be ahead of the year and can’t wait for the Taipei Computer Show; AMD’s fourth-generation Ryzen, NVIDIA RTX 30 series is still expected to be launched in September-October, although it’s almost the same time as the Taipei Computer Show, but it looks like the two will have their own launch.

So far, however, Intel, AMD and NVIDIA have not publicly stated.

Earlier news that Asus intends to continue to participate in the exhibition, do not know whether it can carry.

Does all this seem to be familiar? At the beginning of this year, the mobile phone industry’s annual feast MWC 2020 is also insistent to be held, the result of the withdrawal of families, and ultimately helpless to cancel. Taipei Computer Show 2020 is also increasingly hopeless.