Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code 1.45

Visual Studio Code has released a 1.45 version, which is available in April 2020.

The most notable update highlights are these:

Accessibility improvements – easy navigation between workbenches, presence bar accessible and screen readers can read focus-targeted content, appropriate ARIA labels in each list of workbenches such as Open Editor, Breadcrumbs, Problem View, etc.

Switch Editor tab with mouse wheel – use the mouse wheel to quickly switch files in the editor

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code 1.45

Faster syntax highlighting – 3x faster

Custom Semantic Color – Change semantic marker colors through user settings

Semantic shading is available for TypeScript and JavaScript, and support for Java and C? is under development. This feature is enabled by default for built-in themes.

The editor.semanticTokenColorS setting allows users to override default theme rules and customize theme.

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code 1.45

GitHub Authentication Support – Automatic Authentication for GitHub Repositories

VS Code now has automatic GitHub authentication for the GitHub repository. Now you can clone, pull, and push between a public and private repository without having to configure any credential managers in your system. Even Git commands called in the integration terminal, such as git push, are now automatically authenticated against the GitHub account.

GitHub Issue Integration – Online Hover and Recommendations for Git IssueHub and Users

The GitHub Pull Requests and Issues extension can be used to manage and view Pull Request in VS Code. It has now expanded support for GitHub Issues. Includes hover s- and s-and-s-hovers, inline completion suggestions, and handling of Issues, and more.

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code 1.45

Remote development – container configuration recommendations;

This version of the remote development feature brings with it container configuration recommendations, support for the WSL2 Docker and Podman engines, and new devcontainer.json variables for local and container folders.

JavaScript debugger preview – supports CPU analysis; Auto Attach improved for Node.js process

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code 1.45

New Docker Compose theme – Help you learn how to use Docker Compose to handle multiple containers

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