Apple: New iPhone SE sales beat expectations, small-screen phones still on the market

May 11, according tomedia reports, for the launch of the new iPhone SE, Apple’s vice president of product marketing Greg Joswiak said in an interview, although it was released during the outbreak, but did not affect everyone’s love of it, its sales after the listing is still beyond Apple’s expectations, which also proved once again that small-screen phones are marketable, as long as the good products, users of small-screen phone demand is as strong.

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Apple: New iPhone SE sales beat expectations, small-screen phones still on the market

Reg Joswak also talked about the Airpods series, the hottest-selling product in Apple’s hardware after the iPhone, which has been well received by users since its launch in 2016, and sales are growing year after year, and Apple has done a lot of work to get more users to embrace it, including design and experience.

In fact, for the new iPhone SE after the launch of the hot sale, Apple is able to sense in advance, but the user’s enthusiasm to buy or exceed their expectations, for this new machine, Cook also said that this is the current Apple family of the most valuable iPhone, the phone guaranteed relatively low price at the same time, the experience has not shrunk.

Mr Cook said the new iPhone SE was not apple’s traditional advantage of a smooth iOS system, but a hardware configuration with an engine with Apple’s top-of-the-line phones at very low prices, which is faster than the fastest Android phone.

Cook was equally critical of the price/performance ratio of the iPhone SE: “I think it (the new iPhone SE) is suitable for every market in the world, especially in places where average incomeises, and we’ll wait and see, and there will be a lot of people moving to the iOS camp.” “

According to previous research data, the iPhone 6, 6S series still has a lot of users in the Chinese market, and the release of the new iPhone SE is also for this part of the user. According to Reg Joswak, Chinese users are also very receptive to the new iPhone SE.

In fact, some e-commerce platform data can tell some things from the launch of the new iPhone SE, such as the 140,000 units sold on the day of the launch on April 24th, and the sales momentum continues to build.

Some industry people said that cheap is a new iPhone SE magic weapon, while the performance of the mobile phone is also very strong, more critical is that many domestic e-commerce platforms are promoting it, although the official price of 3299 yuan, but after concessions, subsidies, the price of the new machine basically to about 2800 yuan, which is a better acceptance of the price segment.

Industry sources believe that over time, the price of the new iPhone SE will continue to fall, when its domestic sales will continue to climb, which is important for Apple to stabilize old users, while attracting some new users, because their user loyalty is very high, many people will certainly on this basis, follow-up upgrade to the higher-end iPhone, that is Cook’s business.