Study finds a new drug combination that can speed up recovery of patients with new coronary pneumonia

As of Saturday morning, the virus had infected more than 4 million people worldwide, nearly 280,000 of whom died from the fight against the disease,media reported. However, the actual number may be much higher, as in many countries where there is no adequate testing, asymptomatic and mild neo-coronavirus patients may not be detected.


According to a study of more than 1,000 people, Redciewe can reduce the recovery time for new coronary pneumonia from 15 days to 11 days, and it is also considered the standard treatment for the new coronary virus. Another study showed that blood thinners could reduce the risk of complications and death from new coronary pneumonia. In addition, new coronary pneumonia in men treated for certain types of prostate cancer may also be mild.

Now, a new treatment for coronary pneumonia has emerged, a combination of three drugs that can significantly speed up the recovery of mild and moderate cases.

The study has been published in The Lancet.

The three drugs are understood to be bebellin-1b(interferon beta-1b), lopinavir-ritonavir and ribavirin. According to the report, the researchers conducted a second randomized trial of the three drugs.

Among them, Lopinavir-Litonavir, an antiviral drug used in AIDS patients, is usually sold under the name Kaletra. The drug has been used in other new coronavirus clinical trials. Ribavirin is also an antiviral drug used to treat diseases such as hepatitis C. Beta interferon-1b is an immunoenhancer that can be used to treat multiple sclerosis.

In the course of the study, doctors in Hong Kong, China, divided 127 patients with new coronary pneumonia into two groups: 86 who received triple drug therapy and 41 who received Kaletra as a control group. It is reported that these patients are mild to moderate cases of new coronary pneumonia, and some patients in the course of treatment received trachea intubation and ventilation treatment. Although all patients eventually recovered, one in the control group had to interrupt treatment after the liver enzyme test results were higher than expected.

Study finds a new drug combination that can speed up recovery of patients with new coronary pneumonia

It is understood that the average number of days from the onset of symptoms to the beginning of the study was 5 days in the three-drug group, compared with 4 days in the control group. The group taking the three drugs recovered more quickly, with a negative average time of 7 days for the new coronavirus test and 12 days in the control group. Adverse reactions included nausea and diarrhea, with no difference in the remaining two groups.

Another interesting situation is that patients who take these three drugs start to feel better and faster. They stopped developing symptoms after 4 days (average number of days), while the control group took 8 days to process.

Studies have shown that the combined effects of beta-1b, Lopinavir-Litonavir and Ribaviringa can eliminate the new coronavirus and significantly accelerate recovery. These drugs seem to work faster than Redsie. This also indicates that the earlier treatment is given after a positive diagnosis, the better the patient’s prognosis. However, the study did not explain whether the three drug combinations also applied to more severe cases.

Dr Peter Chin-Hong, of the University of California, San Francisco, told the media: “This study is refreshing because it tells us that Redciewe is not the only drug, and there may be other options.” And these drugs have a safety record. “