899 yuan! AMD Entry-level God URylong 3 3300X opens today

AMD has officially released the third generation Ryzen 3 3300X, Ryzen 3 3100 two entry-level processors, complementing the three generations of the Rylong family, and thanks to the 7nm process, Zen2 architecture of the strong support, in the Ryzen 3 series for the first time open multithreads, and continue to support overclocking, while the Release of the B550 motherboard also fully upgraded to support PCIe 4.0, overclocking, dual graphics card, USB 3.1, a positive.

According to official news, the Rylong 3 3300X will be on May 11th, that is, tonight at 19 o’clock officially opened for sale, JD.com, Tmall two platforms synchronous sales, the price of 899 yuan!

In addition to the single product, there will be a sharp Dragon 3 3300X board U package on the product collection page, the price is more favorable.

899 yuan! AMD Entry-level God URylong 3 3300X opens today

Although the Ryzen 3 3300X is an entry-level product in terms of positioning, but specifications, performance are straight to the mainstream level, i5-9400F, i7-7700K is not its opponent.

It has 4 core 8 threads, 2MB secondary cache, 16MB tertiary cache, main frequency 3.8-4.3GHz, support 24 PCIe 4.0, memory support dual-channel DDR4-3200, thermal design power 65W, internal brazing cooling, with its own ghost Stealth heat sink.

At the same time, rye Dragon 3 3300X can also be free overclocked, according to fast technology test can be stable to reach the full core 4.475GHz, at this time the oven temperature can still be controlled at about 100 degrees C, power consumption is only 84W, performance improvement of about 6%.

899 yuan! AMD Entry-level God URylong 3 3300X opens today

AMD will also host different events at Tmall and JD.com. Tmall Mall will invite FAE Viva and Da Guo to enter AMD’s official flagship store at 7 p.m. tonight for the first round of reviews and interactive sweepstakes with the audience, with prizes including Xiaomi Charging Bao, Xiaomi Socket, AMD Faith Refrigerator Sticker and more.

In the JD Mall, AMD JD.com’s flagship store will open store interaction to win the ceremony, while 7-9 p.m. will also be live, participate in the interaction to win a lot of surprise gifts.

PS: Ryzen 3 3100 will be on the shelves later.

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899 yuan! AMD Entry-level God URylong 3 3300X opens today