Friends: Reunion Goes Live This fall

Warner Media Chairman Bob Greenblatt, speaking at the Radio and Television Association’s online summit, said the company hopes to finish filming by the end of the summer so that the long-delayed “Friends” special will be able to meet viewers as soon as possible. The project was scheduled to go live on May 27th to secure the HBO Max streaming platform, which will launch on the same day.

The latter features a collection of sophisticated shows from Warner, TNT, TBS, HBO and others, designed to connect with Netflix’s ShortS, at a cost of $15 a month.

If the cast of “Friends” who participated in the reunion show had no problems with the timing, the shooting mission would be completed at Warner 24, the birthplace of the “Friends” series.

Friends: Reunion Goes Live

Friends: Reunion Goes Live

Separately, Disney CEO Bob Chapek recently said that the second season of “The Mandalorian” will inevitably be affected by the current situation, but will not be postponed.

The series is scheduled to meet viewers of the Disney Plus streaming platform, which has so far gained 54 million subscribers. While Mr. Chapek acknowledges that streaming subscriptions are promising, he also stressed that the live-on-the-scenes experience remains essential, with the July 24 release of “Mulan” unchanged. The film is the only two Hollywood blockbusters to stick to this year’s summer slot, along with Nolan’s Tenet.