Twitter is testing the “forwardwith with comments” feature and the “tag tweets” page

Social media giant Twitter is developing a new feature to give users a better understanding of how their tweets are shared,media reported. Twitter is understood to have added a new feature called “Retweets with comments” next to the Likes and Retweets options.

The company is also developing a tab-style Retweets page with two tags — one showing the number of retweets without comments and the other showing the number of retweets with comments. Both new features have been launched in Twitter’s iOS app, and the company has already begun testing them in its Android app, so Android users won’t have to wait too long.

In addition, Twitter is developing other important new features. The company is reported to have recently begun testing scheduled tweets, which allow users to set the area and time they want to make their tweets online. It also provides the option to manage scheduled tweets in the same menu. In addition, the social media giant is testing the ability to view referenced tweets.