NASA’s Mars rover is “ready for release” as early as July 17

NASA’s Mars rover has been “ready to go” to Mars,media reported. The rover could launch as early as July 17. High-tech machines like Perseverance are complicated to prepare for another planet. In a new blog post, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory explains what happens once the rover actually reaches the Red Planet.

As can be seen from the image shared by JPL above, the rover must be crammed into a rather claustrophobic compartment for the trip. Its components are shielded as it rises from Earth, avoiding danger, but once it lands on Mars, it must also be able to “start to act” on Mars. The process actually sounds a bit like a scene from an action movie.

“When the rover lands on Mars, three (flying separation bolts) will be released by a small pyrotechnic bomb, and the spacecraft will perform the ‘Sky Crane’ action. JPL explains: “The nylon rope rotates through the bridge exit guide, lowering the rover to less than 25 feet below the descent stage. Once the Perseverance is monitored on the ground, the burning blades cut off the rope and the lower stage fly away. The ‘Sky Crane’ ensures that The Perseverance will land on the surface of Mars, does not require any other spacecraft components, and does not require complex deployment procedures. “

Basically, a small explosion would ensure that The Perseverance was able to escape the protective bond and reach the surface of Mars intact. “Fixing the rover to the descent stage is an important milestone for the team because these are the components of the first spacecraft, assembled at launch, and when we reach Mars, they will be the last separate components,” PL’s David Gruel said in a statement. “The two components will be installed together until they are about 65 feet above the surface of Mars. “

It is reported that the launch window of the Severto rover will open on July 17.