I switched back to Chrome after a month’s use of new Edge

The new Edge browser is much more useful than it used to be, but it’s still immature at this stage. In September, after the new Microsoft Edge browser based on the Chromium kernel opened Beat testing, I temporarily dropped my long-time Chrome browser and put edg into Edg when I saw the changes to the new kernel and some of the more useful new features i’ve been adding to, such as the official IE mode, privacy tools, etc. e (beta) embrace.

It's been more than a month before I've switched to Chrome?

It's been more than a month before I've switched to Chrome?

The month of using The Edge as the main stay has not changed much for me than the use of Chrome, it has a lot of usage habits that continue to chrome, and there are many advantages to you, but there are still some immature places. So today I’ll talk about its convenience and imperfections from a usage perspective.

Less occupancy, clean interface

Edge browsers with the Chromium kernel are much faster than older versions of The Edge browser, and although there is still a gap with Chrome, the gap is not that big because The Edge browser feels very much like the Win10 system when it opens and closes the web page. It’s a coincidence that the animation effect on the turn off reduces the perceived length of time.

It's been more than a month before I've switched to Chrome?

Chrome’s large resource footprint on PC memory has been a slot for many people, and The Edge browser takes up less than Chrome. With my less rigorous, simple attempt, when 20 YouTube videos are also opened, The Edge browser uses less memory, which is more user-friendly for computer users with less memory.

It's been more than a month before I've switched to Chrome?

Clean, clean pages are also a big advantage of Edge, and opening a larger font setting in the background also gives a clear and comfortable feel, perhaps because The Edge isn’t very featured at the moment, but it does feel clean and refreshing.

Sync bookmarks, compatible With Chrome plug-ins

Because the new Edge is a browser developed based on the Chromium kernel, your favorite plug-ins on Chrome can continue to be used on The Edge.

It's been more than a month before I've switched to Chrome?

But the trouble is that the first time you use Edge, all your habitual plug-ins have to be manually re-downloaded, and if you’re a heavy user who installed more than a dozen plug-ins like me, the process of re-searching and then installing is time-consuming and laborious, so that the trouble is only once.

Plug-ins that work well on Chrome and are installed on Edge are no different, and because plug-ins don’t update quickly, it’s completely introubled that The Edge browser uses as a daily browser after installing the plug-in.

It's been more than a month before I've switched to Chrome?

Compared to plug-ins, syncing Chrome bookmarks to Edge is convenient, click on the import can sync favorites, bookmarks, history and many other content, even including passwords, address information, etc. can also be synchronized, so you save passwords in each website do not have to re-enter, one import is done. Unfortunately, The Edge browser doesn’t currently support cross-platform synchronization history, which is inconvenient if you have the work habits of a cross-platform device.

Small details and security plus points

Edge makes a good impression on small details, such as when you open a lot of tags and some play a sound, you can directly tap the small horn on the tab to mute, this feature Chrome needs to right-click on the tab to call out, Edge is more convenient.

It's been more than a month before I've switched to Chrome?

There is also the page’s aloud reading function, which is turned on and can be used as your audio book reader. It contains a very large number of language options, and not only can you see a yellow color block on the page to indicate the current reading progress, but you can adjust the reading speed yourself. In addition, many languages, such as English, Japanese, French, and German, can be read out immediately when you view web pages in other languages.

It's been more than a month before I've switched to Chrome?

However, although I try to read Chinese pages in English, but can only read English vocabulary and numbers, Japanese reading Chinese pages is a very mechanical way, the current stage is not very good. But the ability to read aloud is good for users with poor vision or difficulty reading, but I still hope to see the effect of reading aloud and translating in real time one day.

It's been more than a month before I've switched to Chrome?

Security is also a highlight of The Edge browser, with official sits offering basic, balanced, and rigorous models for your request seeking different website protections. This option is a little more intuitive than Chrome.

Edge works well, but it also bothers me.

After more than a month of use, the new Edge browser has made me forget Chrome. Compatible plug-ins, good speed and stability, and a few small details have surprised me, and if Microsoft’s subsequent ability to integrate its ace feature Office into The Edge is perfect, it may have the ability to replace Chrome.

However, I still quietly back to Chrome, the reason is very simple, the current browser does not support cross-platform synchronization history, can not sync plug-ins, because I have the habit of switching between notebooks, desktops, mobile phones, these two features are quite important.

According to Chuck Friedman, the Edge team leader, these features will be updated in subsequent releases, and maybe I’ll be back in Edge’s arms by then. But if you’re not like me, the current Edge browser is already working.

Microsoft’s last success in the browser wars was a return to the market battle with Netscape, but in the long years that followed, Chrome gradually took over everyone’s computers with the advantage of stability, speed and scalability. Now it seems that the new Edge browser is listening to users and gradually recovering from the disadvantage, and it does surprise me with a month of experience, expecting it to go further and become more useful.

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