‘Miracle Patient’ Released after 64 Days of Fighting New Coronavirus

Gregg Garfield, a 54-year-old new coronavirus patient, was recently discharged from a California hospital after more than two months of fighting the virus,media BGR reported. Garfield’s symptoms were particularly severe because the virus had struck all his vital organs. Garfield contracted the new coronavirus while skiing in Italy in February and eventually began to develop serious complications, CBS News reported.

'Miracle Patient' Released after 64 Days of Fighting New Coronavirus

The new coronavirus soon began to attack every important organ of Garfield, and for more than a month he was able to rely on a ventilator to sustain his life. While the new coronavirus is often associated with attacks on the lungs, recent research has found that it can also cause damage to the heart, kidneys and liver.

In the end, though, Garfield was able to be cured and discharged. Garfield’s recovery was so unexpected that some doctors and nurses began calling him “our miracle patient.”

“I believe that COVID patients who need to use a ventilator have a mortality rate of more than 70 percent,” Dr. Daniel Dea told CBS News. “So it’s great that he’s going to survive with a near-full recovery.” He is our miracle patient. This is yet another example of all the efforts we have made. “

A video of Garfield leaving the hospital with the help of his sister and girlfriend went to instagram.