New figures show Samsung is dominating the 5G handset market

According tomedia reports, 5G parties are attracting more and more companies in the mobile industry, and so far Samsung appears to be the company with the largest share. The company now controls 34.4 percent of the entire 5G market, with no less than 8.3 million 5G handsets shipped in the first quarter of this year, South Korean media reported.

New figures show Samsung is dominating the 5G handset market

The performance is impressive, to say the least, but the gap between Huawei, which came in second, is not very large, with Huawei’s 5G handsets reported to have shipped 8m units in the same period, accounting for 32.2% of total sales.

Other mobile companies, such as Vivo, Xiaomi and OPPO, are doing well, but for now, Samsung is still the king of 5G phones.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s a big name missing from this list — Apple. The company is often considered Samsung’s strongest competitor, but it has yet to launch a 5G. The company is expected to bring in a 5G iPhone later this year, when sales of 5G smartphones are expected to surge.

While many expect Apple to overtake Samsung in 5G handset sales, there is no doubt that Samsung’s strategy is correct.

The South Korean company initially launched only 5G phones online for its high-end handsets, but it is clear that it is not cheap, which has largely limited the penetration of new technology in the market. But Samsung has since managed to boost sales in the 5G handset market by introducing it into the mid-range phone. Mid-range phones often make a profit, and it can help Samsung gain a bigger market share.

As for Apple, the company will be re-betting on the 5G iPhone, which is scheduled for release in September. There is no doubt that Huawei will not sit idly by, and the manufacturer is expected to make some changes in the 5G space, so this is going to be a very interesting battle, let’s wait and see!