Lixiang ONE fire accident: the owner of the car present statement

On May 8, a video posted  on Weibo showed Lixiang ONE caught  fire on the streets of Changsha, Hunan Province. It is worth mentioning that this is also the Lixiang ONE in the country’s first fire accident. Today, the owner of the incident posted an update on the event on the  Lixiang ONE official app, saying: “The fire department determined that the cause of the fire was not a problem with the range booster and the oil road, nor was it what everyone said was a problem with batteries and motors.”

Ideal ONE self-ignition scene fire: the owner of the car present statement

As for the specific reasons, the owner said it is still being analyzed.

It is understood that on May 8, Weibo revealed that the Lixiang ONE in the street catching fire , from the scene of the picture and video, the front of the cabin part are totally burned . It is reported that the vehicle may have been in a driving condition at the time of the fire.

Subsequently,  Lixiang automobile  in its official microblog news, after on-site testing, the vehicle battery system did not have a problem, and said the vehicle has been moved to a safe area for testing, there will be follow-up findings will be released in a timely manner.

Ideal ONE self-ignition scene fire: the owner of the car present statement

A total of 6,500 new cars have been delivered since the start of the Lixiang ONE in December 2019, according to official figures.

Here’s the latest response from the owners involved:

Hello everyone, I am the owner of the vehicle involved in the Accident on May 8th, my name is Zhou Yi, From Changsha, Hunan Province.

These days busy dealing with the vehicle thing, has been busy at home and fire station, also not in the mood to deal with other things, yesterday finally a bit of the new progress of the incident, today and i want to  talk about this accident.

After the incident, the owner group and my friends around me have been asking me how the car is going, many of the buyers who have not yet got the car have said I do not dare to get the car. These two days fire-related professional experts on the vehicle analysis, fire determine the cause of the fire is not the range booster and oil-piping problems, nor are you said the battery and motor problems, this is assured, the specific reason is still being analyzed. As a retired firefighter, I know that this kind of investigation will take some time, and we will wait for the relevant professions and Lixiang automobile to release the final report.

Just bought the car,  encountering this thing really let me feel very hard, after all, choose a favorite car is not easy, buy the  Lixiang ONE is a decision made by my family . From the handling of this matter, I am very recognized for lixiang ‘s response speed and handling attitude, after the accident, the local sales xiao Zhou and maintenance master Xiao Yuan rushed to the scene, together to help me deal with the accident, and most i did not expect is that the lixiang car responsible for after-sales Mr. Yang and engineer Mr. Liu that afternoon flew to Changsha, together with the processing and problem-solving, which made me very solid.

This matter has been very good solution, thank you all the car friends concerned.

Ideal ONE self-ignition scene fire: the owner of the car present statement