Virus retreat: Japan’s 19th-century “anti-plague demon” is back online as an anti-epidemic mascot

Japanese companies, sports teams and government agencies seem to be keen to use mascots to promote something strange, according tomedia. Now, the new coronavirus raging, The Japanese folklore of the 19th century “anti-plague demon” as a mascot against the new corona virus re-emerged in the public eye. It has even been used to help sell a new healthy dessert rich in vitamin C. It’s hard to keep eaters away from the new coronavirus, but it may help prevent colds.

It is reported that this man fish monster named Amabie.

In 19th-century Japanese folklore, Amabie, who lived near the Kumamoto coast, often told those who saw it, “Draw me down and show it to people so you can stay away from disease.” “

During the new coronavirus pandemic, Amabie appeared in various forms throughout Japan. Now it’s once again a mascot and an internet buzzword, and artists, chefs and even Japan’s Ministry of Health are using it as a symbol of hope to fight the new coronavirus.