Brake failure, Leapmotor faces protests by the owners

Thanks to the advantages brought about by the electricization of automobiles, the threshold of automobile manufacturing has been greatly reduced, and new forces in domestic car construction have sprung up. However, the market has spawned a large number of new forces to build cars, the development of good and bad, resulting in the quality of vehicles are also uneven. And founded in 2015, the Leapmotor, because of the quality of vehicles, encountered the protests of owners, and the Leapmotor car once again pushed on the top of the wind.

According to domestic media reports, on May 11, on the day of the launch of the new Leapmotor model T03, the first batch of more than 200 owners of the Leapmotor S01 collectively defended their rights and posted an open letter to Leapmotor  cars online.

The s01, the first model to be delivered in the third quarter of last year, has officially announced sales of more than 1,000 vehicles, and the first owners are currently in contact with more than 200 owners, the letter said. Through feedback from car owners, they found that the Leapmotor S01 had the following serious quality problems.

1, brake system failure, vacuum power pump failure. Preliminary solution by replacing the brake hardware.

2, power system failure, battery overheat protection. Even when the temperature was below 25 C on the day, the battery issued an overheating alarm.

3, the locomotive system failure, the main screen black screen. Almost all car owners have experienced black screen, inability to obtain vehicle driving information, inability to navigate and other related operations.

4, control system failure, vehicle stoush no reason to stop. Some owners reflect that the vehicle in normal driving control system failure, resulting in a variety of reasons for parking accidents.

In addition, there is feedback from the owner, the Leapmotor S01 also appeared in the case of continued flying fractures. The manufacturer claimed that the vehicle’s range of more than 300km, but his vehicle full of electricity, driving from Beijing to Tianjin,  the power died , as we  know, Beijing to Tianjin by car, the whole drive is only about 130 kilometers.

It is reported that this is not the first time Leapmotor car owners to find manufacturers feedback quality issues, but in the case of many unsuccessful communication, only to choose this move to defend rights, the purpose is to urge manufacturers to solve the quality problem as soon as possible.

It is understood that the current market in the sale of the Leapmotor S01 mainly 2019 380 standard version, 380Pro, as well as 2020 460 standard version, 460 Pro and other four models. Of these, 2019 models, NEDC, have a range of 305 km and 2020 models have a range of 451 km. The post-subsidy guide price range is RMB11.99-1499 million.