Tesla forces re-employment plan to find “strong help” President Trump supports

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has made frequent headlines recently, is a little anxious because Tesla’s california plant is slow to reopen, with an estimated $300 million a week loss, and he’s even suing the local government. Now Tesla has found a strong backing, and U.S. President Donald Trump has backed their return to work. Today U.S. President Donald Trump said the California government should allow Tesla to reopen its local plants, which should be done quickly.

The California-based Tesla Fremont plant is the only Tesla plant in the world to produce all of Tesla’s current models on sale at the same time. The plant has been closed since March 23. Economic analysts say the shutdown will cost Tesla $300 million a week.

Under previous plans, Tesla’s plant in California was due to resume on May 8, but the Alameda County Health Department, where the plant is located, banned Tesla from returning to work, citing the fact that the outbreak has not fully improved.

Musk was furious, immediately tweeting a warning to authorities that the decision to move Tesla’s headquarters and future projects immediately to Texas and Nevada, and whether to keep the car plant in Alameda County, depends on how the state treats Tesla. And announced the prosecution of Alameda County.

On May 12, Musk tweeted an update on the development, opposing the Alameda County ban and restarting production today.

Musk also said fearlessly that if anyone was arrested because of the matter, he asked to be arrested alone.