Linux Kernel 5.7-rc5 Released

Linus Torvalds announced the release of the fifth RC version of Linux Kernel 5.7. As Linus points out, Linux 5.7 has so far been a calm erdion to be even a bit boring. In the case of Linux Kernel 5.7-rc5, there are more patches than the most recent weekly candidate versions.

But even so, Linus says he’s not worried. “5.7-rc5 is slightly larger than the recent rc5 – but that’s what I’m looking forward to, just because there have been some repressed pull requests this week, not the week before,” he said in the announcement. “

“There’s nothing here that looks worrying. Diffstat looks pretty good and flat, and a slight increase in the commit count seems to be just the usual timing fluctuations. “

Linux Kernel 5.7-rc5 Released

In addition, Linus said, “We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks, but so far at least everything is fine, just as version 5.7 is tracking smoothly.” So go ahead with the test, and if you haven’t dared to use the 5.7 pre-release kernel, we’re in an ‘era that looks calm and safe to test’. I dare to prove me wrong. Come on, make me happy. “

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