Data privacy regulator investigates Apple store’s temperature measurement policy

A regional data protection office in Germany is concerned about privacy risks posed by the temperature-taking practices of Apple stores, which recently reopened in Germany,media reported. On May 11th, local time, Apple officially reopened 15 retail stores in Germany. Under the company’s new coronavirus policy, store employees are required to take temperature measurements on customers before they enter the store.

Data privacy regulator investigates Apple store's temperature measurement policy

Hessian data protection authorities have launched an investigation to determine whether temperature testing violates EU privacy rules, according to a Bloomberg Report.

Hesse is a German state, and retail outlets such as Apple Grosse Bockenheimer Strasse in Frankfurt and Apple MTZ in Sulzbach are located in Hesse.

Although the investigation has not yet been concluded, it is reported that the Hesse office is coordinating with data protection authorities in other parts of Germany.