The new Galaxy Fold is cheaper and better looking.

The cash-strapped digital enthusiasts are expected to be looking forward to Samsung’s second-half launch, as the galaxy Fold 2, the successor to the fold-off phone Galaxy Fold, is expected to be released in August, in addition to its flagship Galaxy Note 20.

According tomedia SamMobile, the Galaxy Fold 2 will be added with new colors, including black and brown, and may also have silver similar to the Galaxy Fold. As for the rest of the information on the product, it is now foreseeable that the starting price will be lower, as the starting storage capacity is reduced to 256GB. The price of the new product will have some room for a decline compared to the previous 512GB starting price of $1980. The Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to have a larger 7.6-inch screen and may support variable high refresh rates and S Pen.

In order to clean up Galaxy Fold inventory ahead of the Galaxy Fold 2 release, Samsung will release the Galaxy Fold Edition in July for $1099 and a global limit of 55,000 units, sources ross Young said.

Galaxy Fold 2 Main Configuration: (Ross Young Message)

Main screen: 7.59″ resolution 2213 x 1689 punching screen Support 120Hz variable refresh rate

Secondary screen: 6.23 inches Resolution 2267 x 819

Camera: 12 million telephoto, 16 million ultra-wide angle, 64 million master combination, support synth optical stabilization.

The new Galaxy Fold is cheaper and better looking.