Mrs. Gates: Some U.S. states are moving too fast to reopen

U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly urged states to speed up the reopening, but philanthropist Melinda Gates has warned, according tomedia reports. She said the pace of reopening in some states is moving too fast, which could lead to a surge in confirmed cases of new coronaviruses.

Mrs. Gates: Some U.S. states are moving too fast to reopen

“I think there are a few states that are reopening too fast, and we actually need to do that in a very slow way,” said Melinda, who is the wife of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Some places can reopen quickly. But we need to be careful enough to prevent a rebound in outbreaks across the United States. “

Melinda said the Gates Foundation has donated billions of dollars to public health programs, and $300 million to respond to the new corona outbreak alone.

The Trump administration last month issued a series of demands to curb the spread of the new corona, advising states to meet those conditions before reopening, including a 14-day drop in the number of new cases or positive tests. However, many states that still fail to meet these standards have begun or are about to reopen, including Kentucky, Ohio and Utah. “When the new coronavirus curve accelerates, it shouldn’t be reopened,” Melinda said. Only if the above criteria are met should be allowed to return to normality. “

Earlier, Melinda had criticised the way the United States responded to the new crown outbreak, saying the United States “lacks a national response” that has led to unnecessary deaths and economic suffering. “The 50 states are not only inefficient and pointless, but will cost people their lives,” she said. “

Earlier, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced plans to coordinate economic reopening with other West Coast states, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he would work with six nearby states to develop a plan to reopen. Seven governors from the Midwest also said they would coordinate the reopening plan.

“Fortunately, you’ve seen a lot of governors come forward and not only do the right thing for their own state, but they’re working with other governors to develop regional solutions,” Melinda said. They’ve done a good job of that, they’re examples! “