Apple plans to phase back employees to work hardware development or the first batch

May 13 (UPI) — Apple plans to soon begin bringing more employees back to the company’s offices around the world, according tomedia reports. Other technology companies will remain in business from home until at least 2020.

Apple plans to phase back employees to work hardware development or the first batch

Apple plans to phase back employees to major offices such as Apple Park in Silicon Valley within a few months, according to people familiar with the matter. The first phase, which is the return of employees who cannot work remotely or at home and is challenged, is now being implemented in some parts of the world. Apple has told employees that it will expand the policy to major offices around the world in late May and early June.

The second phase is scheduled to begin in July, when more employees will return to Apple’s offices around the world. Apple has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Texas, San Diego and Boulder, Colorado. The anonymous people said the return time was not fixed and changes could occur, especially in light of the “home quarantine” orders issued locally.

This week, Apple executives began notifying employees if they were the first person to return to work. The company tells employees that the first phase of returning workers either needs to work regularly in the office or during a specific period of time, depending on their job. An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

Apple’s way of getting employees back to the office is very different from other well-known technology companies. This underscores Apple’s long-standing focus on face-to-face meetings and product development, as well as the company’s reliance on its core hardware business.

Both Facebook and Alphabet’s Google say most employees will be able to work from home throughout 2020. Amazon says office workers can work from home until early October, and Twitter says employees can work from home “forever” if they want.

However, some of Apple’s competitors may need to return to the office early. Facebook, Amazon and Google all have hardware departments, and although the business is much smaller than Apple’s, it still needs to develop and test products on the spot.

Since the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia, Apple has allowed some specific employees to work in the office to keep the company afloat. Work such as managing data centers, deploying software, releasing new products for online sales, and testing hardware can be difficult at home, and cannot even be done by employees working from home, and these businesses are considered a key business for Apple.

The first employees to return to the office may focus on hardware development. Apple is developing lab projects for major future hardware, such as the planned virtual reality and augmented reality devices, to pull back during the home office, one of the people said.

Apple’s software developers, mostof accustomed to working from home, plan to turn the worldwide developer conference online at the end of June. As part of the conference, Apple engineers are filming an online demonstration of the software update in their home.

In April, Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, told employees that the company’s plans to return to work would be staggered. “At least today, we don’t want everyone to go back at the same time,” Cook told employees at a virtual meeting. “”It could be different teams going back at different times, or people from the same team going back at different times. “

In an interview, Mr. Cook said employees also need to take a temperature test, keep a social distance and wear a mask during their return to work. He added that Apple is testing employees for a new coronavirus.

This week Apple began reopening its retail stores in the U.S. market. Retail stores in South Carolina, Alabama, Alaska and Idaho will open. Previously, Apple had opened all its retail stores in Australia, Austria, Switzerland, South Korea and Germany.

Apple also has offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. (Chenchen)