Baidu: Smart mini program monthly live over 500 million Baidu App DAU supassed 230 million

On the afternoon of the 13th, 2020 Baidu Mobile Ecology Conference, Baidu Vice President, Baidu App General Manager Ping Xiaoli said that Baidu App daily users has exceeded 230 million, more than 10 times per day per capita open;

Baidu: Smart small program monthly live over 500 million Baidu App live super 230 million

Over the past year, Baidu App per capita use time and service increased by more than 30%, in-end search scale increased by 59% yoy, the first-place satisfaction rate reached 58%, the total length of information flow products and user interaction rate increased by more than 50%. Among them, the number of interactions increased by 127 per cent and the number of active authors increased by 50 per cent.

In addition, Baidu search video distribution scale increased by 150%, meaning That Baidu search “full video.” Distribution of Baidu App’s messaging rich media content has grown rapidly, with video growth of more than 125 percent and live streaming up 62 percent over the past period.

At present, there are more than 420,000 mini programs in Baidu Ecology, more than 220 smart programs live more than a million per month. In addition, Baidu Smart Small Program Open Source Alliance partners have expanded to 45.

More than 5 million times a day are distributed in searches, and one out of every three searches is distributed by a small program. Over the past year, the number of articles in Baidu’s information stream with small program goods and services has increased by 500 per cent, and the distribution of small programs in the information stream has increased by 250 per cent.

In 2020, Baidu App will launch three major initiatives:

(1)  “Baichuan Plan”, to provide content creators with 50 billion traffic, viral creation camp, fan growth rights package, MCN exclusive plan, etc.

(2) Baidu live “poly-energy plan”, out of 500 million subsidies to build a thousand star anchors;

(3) Baidu mini program “creative mini program star-making plan”, to create 100 MAU more than 100,000 creative programs.