Tesla becomes the world’s first electric car to sell millions of cars

May 13 (UPI) — Tesla is likely to complete the delivery of its 1 millionth electric car around mid-April, according tomedia reports. According tomedia, Tesla sold about 990,000 electric cars worldwide as of March 31, of which 49,000 Model 3s were delivered worldwide in March, equivalent to about 1,600 delivered per day.

At this delivery pace, Tesla could deliver 10,000 vehicles in less than a week, not more than two weeks, even if affected by the outbreak.

It also means that Tesla has quietly become the first electric car in history to sell more than 1m cars. In contrast, Nissan delivers more than 500,000 electric cars worldwide, while BYD has more than 370,000 (a total of 750,000 plug-in hybrids).

On March 10, Tesla founder Elon Musk tweeted a celebration of Tesla’s 1 millionth electric car, 12 years after the first electric car was delivered in 2008.

Insiders have questioned why Musk’s high-profile nature has not been celebrated when delivering a million vehicles. After all, the production of millions of vehicles was celebrated on social media.

Since Tesla’s official figures have not yet been released, we don’t speculate here, but millions of sales are a breeze for Tesla today.

Tesla becomes the world's first electric car to sell millions of cars