latest market share data for x86 processors: Intel to 85.2%

The two years of the x86 processor market competition is fierce, especially AMD Ryzen momentum is very strong, in Germany, Korea and other regions are also very clear progress, often see AMD YES slogan. So what about the strength contrast between the two companies in the global market? Now, we know from Mercury Research, an authoritative marketing agency, of the latest statistics on the market share of x86 processors in the first quarter of 2020, with Intel accounting for 85.2 percent of the market for embedded, IoT IoT, and AMD naturally 14.8 percent.

Intel’s share increased by 0.3 percentage points compared to the fourth quarter of 2019, and AMD lost 0.3 percentage points.

It is not hard to guess that the impact of the new crown outbreak has greatly stimulated demand in the telecommuting, online education market, and Intel processors face strong demand.

latest market share data for x86 processors: Intel to 85.2%

This is also reflected in the results: in the first quarter of this year, Intel CCG Client business (PC business) revenue of $9.8 billion, up 14% Year-on-Year, driving the company’s total revenue of $19.8 billion, up 23%, of which the PC business accounted for 49.5% of the company’s total revenue, while the second quarter is expected to remain strong market demand, PC business will continue to grow steadily.

Excluding IoT and tablet products, Intel currently accounts for 81.3 percent of the desktop market, AMD 18.6 percent, and VIA 0.1 percent, while in the notebook market, Intel and AMD’s share is 83.0 percent and 17.0 percent, respectively.