AMD Radeon Pro VII Pro Graphics Release UnlockPCIe 4.0

On the evening of May 13, AMD officially released the next generation of graphics workstation professional graphics card “Radeon Pro VII”, which provides outstanding graphics and computing performance for areas of expertise such as television broadcasting, engineering computing, and graphics modeling. The Radeon Pro VII Pro Card, like the retired high-end gaming card Radeon VII, is based on AMD’s first 7nm process GPU core, codenamed “Vega 20”, with 13.2 billion transistors, a core area of 331 square millimeters, 60 computing units and 3,840 stream processors.

AMD Radeon Pro VII Pro Graphics Release UnlockPCIe 4.0

Vega 20

The core frequency is not disclosed, but from the 13.1TFlops single-precision floating point, 6.5TFlops double-precision floating point peak performance indicators, is certainly lower than the Radeon VI’s highest frequency of 1800MHz, rough calculation should be slightly more than 1700MHz, while the overall card power consumption from 300W significantly reduced to 250W, 8 plus 6 pin auxiliary power supply.

The memory is still 16GB HBM2, bit width 4096-bit, frequency 1GHz, bandwidth up to 1TB/s, and supports ECC error checking.

Of course, the Radeon Pro VII is by no means a name change rits for The Radeon VII, which unlocks the hidden PCIe 4.0, proving that this is not the new Navi core patent.

It also supports a high-bandwidth, low-latency Infinity Fabric Link interconnect bus that can be connected to two Radeon Pro VII graphics cards with direct bandwidth of up to 168GB/s, 5.25 times as much as PCIe 3.0 x16, and 5.25 times as much as shared memory, with dual cards up to 32GB for more complex professional workloads, rather than using only half of the existing dual cards.

Traditional expertise such as remote access, frame lock, and sync lock are certainly essential, while up to six monitors can be simultaneously output with four miniDP 1.4 video interfaces, supporting full HDR and 8K resolution.

The AMD Radeon Pro VII Pro Card will be available worldwide from mid-June and will retail for $1,899, or about RMB135,000 (Radeon VII 5699), and OEMs will launch a graphics workstation with the card in the second half of the year.

AMD Radeon Pro VII Pro Graphics Release UnlockPCIe 4.0

AMD also released the new Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 20.Q2 Pro Drive, which is said to deliver up to 13% performance improvement.

AMD Radeon ProRender renderers have also been upgraded, with new sideFX Houdini, Unreal Engine plug-ins, Autodesk Maya and Blender plug-ins, and SDKs updated and opened simultaneously.

AMD Radeon Pro VII Pro Graphics Release UnlockPCIe 4.0