When will cinemas worldwide reopen? Several blockbusters were changed to webcasts.

Recently, as the outbreak slowed, several countries are gradually returning to economic activity, and the full suspension of cinemas is expected to reopen. But the reboot, which will run from mid-May to August, may be a slow start for the film industry.

China CDC: Suggests suspension of theaters in high-risk areas

With the orderly resumption of work in all walks of life in China, cinemas have also entered the countdown to the resumption of work. On May 8, the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism issued the “Guidance on the normalization of the new coronal pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work” proposed, in accordance with the relevant technical guidelines, in accordance with the premise of the implementation of prevention and control measures, to take reservations, current restrictions and other means, open movie theaters, amusement halls and other closed entertainment and leisure venues.

On May 13, Shi Xiaoming, director of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Environment Institute, said at a press conference that in high-risk areas, theaters need to be implemented in accordance with local regulations and recommended a moratorium.

In low-risk areas, the opening of the theater to do a good job in six aspects, one is to prepare pre-opening materials, make a good emergency plan;

In terms of personal protection, experts recommend giving priority to online ticket purchase or on-site scanning to buy tickets, try to avoid direct lying with your hands on the public equipment or facilities surface of the theater, especially to strengthen hand hygiene, carry a mask with you, reduce the number of friends to watch movies, as far as possible to their own or accompany ingenuity. Don’t have too much conversation in the theater to reduce the number of gathering conversations.

When will cinemas worldwide reopen? Several blockbusters were changed to webcasts.

Some cinemas in Japan will open this week

According to Japanese media reports, from May 15, Japan’s Dongbao Theater Line 10 cinemas will reopen, including Sendai, Binsong, Yudu Palace, Kochi, Nagasaki and other places of Dongbao Cinema. In addition, from May 13, Japan’s Sunshine Line’s nine cinemas will also resume operations. However, major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka have not announced plans to resume operations.

So what movies can You see in the cinema when you reopen? Judging from the screenings available on the Dongbao Cinema Binsong store website, most of them are old films, including “Son of the Weather” and “Your Name.” I want to eat your pancreas, parasite, new Godzilla, etc. The list of films provided by The PauTai Store at Dongbao Cinema also includes “The Wizard of Oz” “Shawshank’s Redemption”, “Silver Wing Killer” and “East of Eden” and so on.

The trailer on Dongbao Cinemas’ official website also shows that the earliest new films may have to wait until May 29th, the Spanish film “Pain and Glory” will be released on June 19th, and the number of works will increase in July.

Germany’s largest state to reopen cinemas

Cinemas in Germany have been allowed to slowly reopen after the German government issued strict restrictions and guidelines on the virus. Germany’s largest state has announced plans to reopen cinemas.

The western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia is home to major cities such as Cologne and Dusseldorf, with a population of nearly 18 million. The state will reopen cinemas on May 30th, under strict hygiene guidance, the first in Germany to allow them to open.

The state government has regulations requiring customers to reach a minimum social distance of at least 1.5 metres. In addition, the cinema hall and rental area must be subject to social distance rules.

Previously, the state closed almost all cinemas. Germany is the world’s top 10 box office markets, and Europe’s third largest box office market, after the United Kingdom and France. According to their own estimates, German cinemas have lost about $200 million in revenue since the outbreak.

Media reported that only 2% of European cinemas are currently operating, but European countries are beginning to make plans to reopen cinemas. Cinemas in Norway opened on 7 May, with a capacity of 50 people per screen; cinemas in the Czech Republic reopened on 11 May, but only 100 people; and Ireland announced plans to reopen cinemas in August.

UK cinemas will not be open until 4 July

Cinemas in the UK may not open so early, and they will not reopen until 4 July, according to the government’s new crown virus recovery guidelines.

The document, entitled “Our Redevelopment Plan”, states that cinemas that have been closed since March 23 are “high risk” and, like bars, restaurants, places of worship, barbershops and so on, will be the last to reopen, no earlier than 4 July. However, even after July 4th, there is no guarantee that all venues will be open.

Some cinemas will be using the end of June as a possible opening date, such as the VUE chain in the UK. Christopher Nolan’s new film, Creed, is set to hit theaters July 17, and many in the industry believe it will be a blockbuster that will attract audiences back to theaters.

When will cinemas worldwide reopen? Several blockbusters were changed to webcasts.

Creed Poster

Some U.S. theaters open, “Hamilton” to be released online

Since March, a large number of Hollywood films have been delayed, and some have even postponed to next year. The latest installments of the new film will be released in July, including “Insanity” in North America on July 1, and Disney’s “Flower Magnolia” on July 24.

U.S. cinemas are mostly closed because of the outbreak. Recently, some states began to ease restrictions, and movie theater lines began to reopen on a small scale, such as the three largest cinemas in San Antonio, such as Santikos Entertainment, which have reopened. But many cinemas, including some chain stores, remain closed.

On May 12th Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, again warned that the U.S. outbreak was not fully under control and that the premature reopening of the economy could lead to further outbreaks of new coronas, “with serious consequences.”

When will cinemas worldwide reopen? Several blockbusters were changed to webcasts.

“Hamilton” Poster

Many films don’t know when they’ll be released, and recently there have been films that have started to choose new ways to air online. Originally scheduled for October 15, 2021, disney musical “Hamilton” announced that it will be released on July 3 this year.

“Given the enormous challenges facing our world, this story of leadership, resilience, hope, love, and the power of people to unite against adversity is both relevant and influential,” Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger said in a statement. “

Earlier, Warner’s film “Scooby-Scroon” also announced that it would abandon the hospital line and instead broadcast it online, which was scheduled for release on May 15. Paramount’s comedy “Lovebirds” also dropped its release and sold it to Netflix. However, some of the most popular films, including “007: Flawless Death”, “Wonder Woman” and “Flower Magnolia”, were delayed and not released online.