California government finally compromises: Allow Tesla to resume production next Monday

BEIJING, May 14 (UPI) — California officials say Tesla and California officials have resolved a conflict over safety procedures for Tesla to restart its only assembly plant in the U.S., agreeing to allow Tesla to resume production next Monday, according tomedia reports.

California government finally compromises: Allow Tesla to resume production next Monday

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk vowed to defy government orders to start work on Monday, even if the government bans it, California said Tesla could take further steps by next week. On Tuesday, Musk also received the support of President Donald Trump.

The Alameda county government said on Twitter that after negotiations with Tesla, the county government agreed that Tesla could take steps to prepare for the resumption of work next week.

Tesla did not immediately comment Wednesday, but almost as the county government tweeted, Musk wrote on Twitter: “Life is going to be a good time.” “

Tesla’s only electric vehicle assembly plant in the United States is in Alameda County, Fremont, California.

Alameda County said it would work with Fremont city police to verify Tesla’s compliance with the social distance rules for full-time work and agreed to implement health and safety measures for employees.

On Monday, Musk defied the government’s ban, saying the plant was about to resume production and that if anyone was arrested, it would be him.

On Tuesday, Musk won the support of President Donald Trump. “California should have Tesla and Musk restart their plants, right now.” It can be done fast and safe! Trump wrote on Twitter. The White House did not comment.

“Tesla is in a conversation with the county government, but at the state level as a whole, if we find anyone who has violated the governor’s order, we’re ready to enforce it,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra told CNBC. “

On Tuesday, the employee parking lot at the Alameda County plant in Fremont, Tesla, was full of vehicles, and trucks were moving back and forth inside and outside the plant.

Tesla sued the county government, challenging the county government’s decision to ban the work order.

A county health official said Friday that the county government had asked all production companies, including Tesla, to delay production for at least a week to monitor infection and hospitalization rates.

Tesla on Saturday announced planned measures to ensure the safety of employees returning to work at the plant.

These include temperature monitoring, installation of dividing lines separating work areas, and providing protective equipment to employees. The measures are similar to those of GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler.

Trump is eager to revive the U.S. economy and get Americans back to work.

Over the weekend, Musk threatened to move out of California to Texas or Nevada. His move has sparked competition for jobs among states and ignited the urge of states to pander to the billionaire executive.

Musk’s battle with local governmenthast has attracted those who peddle factories or offices, as well as officials eager to create local jobs.

Officials from Texas, Nevada, Georgia, Utah and Oklahoma have been lobbying Musk to consider them since the dispute with Alameda County began.

According to Tesla, the Fremont plant employs more than 10,000 workers.