Garmin pushes two new rear-view radar products for bike rides

According tomedia reports, Garmin has released two new rear-view radar products for cyclists, which will give cyclists a warning when cars and other vehicles stop behind them. It is understood that both the Varia RVR315 and the Varia RTL515 can track cyclists’ blind spots and work with Garmin’s new Varia app and other bike hardware to alert them that the car is approaching.

Garmin pushes two new rear-view radar products for bike rides

The Varia RVR315 is the cheaper of the two. It looks like a small rubber ball and is designed to be mounted on the bike’s seat post, where a vehicle can be seen from 460 feet (about 140 meters) from behind.

The battery life of this product is 7 hours and is IPX7 waterproof.

If you’re looking for a new taillight then the Varia RTL515 may be exactly what you want, paired with red LED lights with a 460-foot-supporting radar so that other traffic users on the road can see cyclists better.

Garmin pushes two new rear-view radar products for bike rides

The LED has a variety of mode options: solid, peloton, night flash, and day flash. Garmin says the battery lasts up to six hours when the lights are on solid mode, eight hours in peloton mode, and six hours and 16 hours, respectively, in night flash and 16 hours.

Similarly, the Varia RTL515 is IPX7 waterproof. Both products can be connected to Garmin’s own Edge bike computer or via Bluetooth LE on the user’s smartphone. There, they will sync with third-party apps such as GPS Ride so that maps can be covered with rear-view radar warning devices, or through Garmin’s varia Radar Display unit, which has a simple display to show how close traffic is.

In addition, Garmin has launched its own free Varia app. It has a simple alarm color-coding system: green means leaving from behind, and amber means a car is coming. Finally, red means a car is approaching at high speed. The app also provides sound and vibration alerts.

The Varia RVR315 is reported to sell for $149.99 and the Varia RTL515 for $199.99. Both are now available for pre-order, while the Varia Radar Display unit costs $99.99 and is now available for purchase.