Omnivision CIS market share grows, taiwan’s Semiconductor Packaging industry benefits simultaneously

On May 13th, according to¬†, china’s mobile phone manufacturers have recently expanded the use of high-pixel lenses to push high-pixel CIS into the middle and high end of the market. Supply chain pointed out that in the case of a significant increase in demand, mobile phone factory to ensure the stability of supply, has been to Samsung and omnivision to seek supply, with Tong Hsing Electronic long-term cooperation with omnivision , synchronously expansion of production response, this year’s operation is expected to grow.

Howie CIS market share grows, taiwan's sealing plant benefits simultaneously

SONY, Samsung and omnivision are the top three manufacturers of mobile phones CIS, with SONY with the advantage of high-pixel CIS with a market share of up to 50%, followed by Samsung, omnivision accounted for 2 0% and 10%, respectively.

After Will Semiconductor’s acquisition of omnivision , net profit reached 445 million yuan in the first quarter of this year, an annual increase of 800.03%, and semiconductors’ share of revenue jumped from 20.99 percent to 83.56 percent. In addition, omnivision¬† is not only the growth of the parent company, but also led to the growth of the performance of partners. In the case of the increase in the market share of omnivision , it has expanded the supply chain orders, the latter section of the sealing plant with Tong Hsing Electronic will directly benefit.

omnivision recently unveiled the world’s first 0.7m, 64-megapixel image sensor, which will further drive the trend of slim design for high-end smartphones in the future.