The Tab Group feature is now in Chrome’s Beta channel

For users who often open a dozen or even dozens of websites, managing so many tabs efficiently can be very complex. But Google’s tab group feature, introduced in Chrome, is expected to help, and after several rounds of testing it is finally in Chrome’s Beta channel, which it believes will soon be officially available.

The Tab Group feature is now in Chrome's Beta channel

This feature works very simply. Users can right-click on the tab bar to create a new tab group, which will let you give it a name and give it a label color. Users can also create multiple groups with different names and colors to make it easier to track depending on the content.

The Tab Group feature in Chrome will be rolled out in next week’s Chrome update. It won’t be available to all users in one go, as Google wants to study the performance and stability impact of new features before releasing them on a larger scale.

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