(Pictured) Windows 10 Build 19628 Release: Initial support for DNS over HTTPS

For Windows Insider’ Fast Channel members, Microsoft today released an update to Build 19628. It is worth noting, however, that this version belongs to the mn_release branch, not the branch rs_prerelease.

Typically, this happens when Microsoft is ready to release new feature updates. Microsoft splits it into a separate release branch so that new features can be developed on the prerelease branch.

(Pictured) Windows 10 Build 19628 Release: Initial support for DNS over HTTPS

The “mn” in the “mn_release” branch represents Manganese, the code name for the Windows 10 20H2 feature update. In fact, this version is not a 20H2 update. The 20H2 update will be released primarily as an oversized cumulative update, as will the 19H2 update.

It was previously reported that the 20H2 feature update would be exclusive to Windows 10X, but now that the Windows 10X system has been delayed, these versions are not currently being sent to users.

So for now Microsoft is moving the relevant thing to mn_release branch, and the main team wants to test the switch between the development branches. This largely looks like a full feature update, just not released, and the new features are bundled into next spring’s update.

The Windows 10 Build 19628 update is the same as usual and does not introduce new features. However, one thing mentioned in the general update and improvement in the update log

We’ve initially added support for DNS over HTTPS so you can choose to use encryption when Windows makes DNS queries. You can follow the instructions in this blog post to enable it because it is turned off by default.

Fixes a problem in the update log

We’ve fixed an issue that prevented some devices from updating the error code 0xc0000409. If you continue to experience this error, please submit new feedback in the Feedback Center to let us know.